Pictures of the awards, robots, and game field.
Getting th robot to the convention center
Our team at our booth
Project Lead The Way dessert
Hello! My name is Jamie Marie Pangilinan and I am an 8th grader in Bull Run VEX Robotics. This is my first year in VRC and robotics as a whole. Joining robotics was definitely a life-changing experience, but it is probably one of the best choices I have made in life. As a member of 1489A, I help often with other team members, but mainly focus on managing the Engineering Notebook and practicing controlling the arm on our robot, "Avenger."

Hi! My name is Katie and this is my blog.  I'm captain and coach for 1489A.  I also help with the notebook and do a little building.  Mainly though, I work on ways to make my team stand out and get god publicity.  I've created websites, posters, brochures, and more!  I've been doing robotics for four years now and this is by far the best team I've been on.  This is also the first team I've been on to get to The World Championships.  Speaking of World Championships, if you want to hear from me or get my opinion during the World Championships this is where you'll find it. Good luck to all teams and thanks to all the families and friends that support us!
We hit a major milestone a little while ago: our robot finally was finished!  We were so excited some of us actually cried!  Below is a video we made to show of this huge event.
1489A has been trying to get in the spotlight lately, but with two other great BRMS teams it's not easy.  So we've started many different social media accounts to let people know what's going on with our team.  If you visit anything below feel free to comment here on your experience.




Bull Run Robotics1489A



or Bull Run VEX 1489A


Harrison found our secret stash of spirit gear! You can probably guess why it was a secret...
    Hello, my name is Harrison. I am part of 1489A on the Bull Run robotics team. I am the main builder, designer, and I drive the base. Because this is my first year in robotics, I was only able to become the vice team leader.


    Katie Fitzgerald: Team Captain
    Chris Chiang: Programmer
    Harrison Kwak: Builder
    Jamie Pangilinan: Engineering Notebook
    Clayton Powell: Builder


    May 2013
    April 2013